Dating a crippled girl

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Make love, not war. Society does a pretty solid job associating disability or illness with death and fear, impressing deep in even the disabled and chronically ill our lack of worth. You have absolutely nothing to lose by meeting a few people from your neighborhood and who knows - you might end up falling in love and finding that special someone you have been looking for this whole time. If you know what I mean 32 We are amazing in a crisis I honestly amaze myself at the strength and outward calm that washes. Thank you. I don't mean mentally handicapped, I mean physically.

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You shouldn't worry about what your friends say, honestly if they have a problem with it then you should find some new friends.

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My Experience with Dating a Woman in a Wheelchair

She's a woman dammit, a real person, with emotions. Wait staff asking my non-disabled date what I wanted for dinner — that killed the mood for sure. That was awkward. OK Wanna go to Alton Towers?. Necrifer Follow Forum Posts: I am disabled through ridding motor bikes then having a bad crash which put me in hospital for a year, I married my wife Jo who is paralysed down the whole left side we have been married for 14 years and together for

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