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Giraffes animals withthe longest neacks and tongues. The calf drops approximately 6 feet to the ground, but the great height doesn't heart the baby giraffe. Where in the world would you find the biggest animal in the world or the tallest animal in the world in its natural habitat. Giraffes or Twiga eat plants from acacia tress mostly found in the African Savannah lands and grass for food which gives them an advantage of staying for days and weeks without water which is a good sign during droughts. Giraffes or twiga are the tallest land mamals or animals. When giraffes are attacked, they can be deadly and dangerous sometimes.

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Giraffes have bluish-purple tongues which are tough and covered in bristly hair to help them with eating the thorny Acacia trees. How would feel if you were a baby giraffe and when you are born the first thing is to fall down from great height. Sometimes when these dangerous giraffe fights take place one giraffe of the giraffes is hit to the ground during a combat. Tourist explains shock over container 'hotel'. While it is getting a drink it cannot keep a look out for predators and is vulnerable to attack. Remember twiga as in tiger safaris is just one pace you should read about tigers and hear great stories about tigers.

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