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Non-humans tend to wear clothes less durable than their semi-immortal selves. Ironically enough, this is one of the reasons a number of ancient warriors fought naked or nearly so. Typical in Witchblade the comic, at leastwhere, in the process of expanding from its dormant bracelet form into Stripperiffic superpowered armor form, the Witchblade tends to tear up whatever Sara Pezzini was already wearing. Her clothes, however, are burned off except for the obvious necessary bits and some extra scraps. Samurai Jack loses clothing this way quite frequently. Then you make an excuse of yourself in order to enter your dates apartment. Ah well, at least it made her hide inside the flames for a while.

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In the Adventure Time episode "Finn the Wizard", an asteroid that Finn has destroyed shatters into pieces, tearing apart Finn's and the other Wizards' clothes, as well as Jake's fur, thus rendering them nude.

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Reportedly, people struck by lightning are frequently blown out of their shoes as the electricity instantly vaporizes foot sweat, literally popping them off or splitting them apart. The Doctor deliberately rips her coat so she can take it to be repaired by the title character, who works as a seamstress at a department store, in order to give Yaz an excuse to hang around with Rosa at the store in case the antagonist, a time traveller trying to Make Wrong What Once Went Righttries anything there. In Cinderella III: This can be attributed to censorship or to the genie who gave him his powers, whichever you prefer. One of the game's conditional modifiers accounts for this. Black man 1 - "Yo nigga, you see that naked man over der In Touhou:

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