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In order to acquire a balanced picture set for pilot testing and the test sessions, the experimenters had to create their own stimulus set from pictures found on public domain websites on the Internet. Sixty nine fellatio and cunnilingus oral sex mutual orgasm. Men and women differ in amygdala response to visual sexual stimuli. We expected that men would show a preference for pictures depicting other males receiving oral sex and in a dominant intercourse position and vice versa for females due to both sexes tendency to project themselves into scenarios Janssen et al. Together, these data demonstrate sex-specific preferences for specific types of stimuli even when, across stimuli, overall interest was comparable.

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That men and women demonstrated sex-specific preferences for certain stimuli in the absence of overall sex differences in subjective ratings or viewing times warrants further discussion.

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All participants spent less time looking at pictures featuring a close-up genital view. Sign Up. Most Viewed. Viewing time data from Gazetracker for each slide were exported into Microsoft Excel. Table 3 shows mean viewing times as a function of group, gaze of the female actor, and level of genital focus. Men, who are thought to use both objectification and projection strategies, did not discriminate based on the gaze of the female actor.

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